Less Productive Week

Hello Everyone,

This was a less productive week in terms of what I can share and how much I streamed last week. This week might end being the same. My wife is due to give birth to my daughter and I have a bit more work on my plate this week than normal.

The first two are a couple sketches from the stream this week. The last one is Friday nights Rapid Interactive Story Creation, now know as RISC. Where I essentially imagined the bedtime story my soon to be born daughter might tell me one day. lol




Productive Week


The next three are 20 minute environment sketches.


The next three are warm 20 minute warm up sketches at the beginning of this week’s stream.




These 28 ships were designed in about an hour, with a very specific shape language in mind using a set of custom brushes I made. Below the initial silhouette pass are the initial line drawings with a quick value pass that took another 2 hours or so.



Friday nights interactive story creation explore good ole father time and his close family. Instead of turning into one long story, this became a bunch of smaller stories. As usual it provided a several good laughs for me atleast. :) Another bit of good news, Interactive storytelling will be back this Friday as well.



Mechs and Story Games – Art Drop

Hello Everyone,
I am going to keep this week’s post to just art from last week’s stream. I hope you enjoy. If you are interested in getting advice or my process, you should drop in on my streams. www.twitch.tv/jdscribbles. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter to know when go live for a stream.



These mechs were pretty fun. I took them from quick sketches as seen in the first image to some rendered form for better understanding.



These were composition warm exercises. They took about 20 minutes each.


Here is an environment sketch. I think it was suppose to be 20 minute but I might have run over on this one because I liked where it was going. There is a lot of potential with this idea.


This may not look like much but it was a pretty fun Friday night. The point was involve the viewers to get them into the story. I would work on quick character silhouette and have the viewers guess how the character related to the story. The closest guess would receive scribble credits. After I would quickly visualize the character I would somehow put them into a story. As the characters started to make an actual story I began to storyboard the actual made up story. It was challenging and fun and provided a lot of laughs for myself and the viewers.

Thanks for taking a look at my work. Swing by my stream if you are interested in watching this weeks work develope. I have added a link at the top of my page.